Borderline Artists Membership Exhibition 2017 June/July Stanthorpe Regional Gallery
FALLING OFF THE EDGE the challenge being to re appropriate the appropriation Munch/ Litchenstein/ and friends while listening to Black Sabbath as the climate change/$ debate continues in the face of global disaster.

I went to Canberra in the spring of 2013 to see the Roy Lichtenstein retrospective at the National Gallery and was delighted to find that his huge “Reflections on the scream” from 1990 had been purchased.
I have recrafted this rethink of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” in the central panel.

“THE DUMMY SPIT” to include the postcard from Canberra as a homage to both artists and their inspired and ever relevant work.

Munch was on the money as a predictor pre holocaust, Litchenstein’s crying baby is the planet cring out for care, I have added the dummy spit as a full stop best hung on an otherwise clear opposite wall in alignment with the bottomless pit of the open mouth.

The First panel.
“WELL THAT WENT WELL ! NOT” – flying kites in the rain
develops a theme of consumerism, colonisation and chaos.
From the Silk Road through the opium wars and the crusades to Coca Cola, bullet holes and artistic accidents……

The Third panel.
“UP TO PUSSIE’S BOW” an upside down Cheshire Cat
aka a “A Catastrophe” drowning in the last uncontaminated water on the planet, as Black Sabbath sings ” I feel a change in the earth, in the wind and the rain. Save me, take me away.”

Top Right. Looking down the well are two reflections of crying baby the perpetrators in the nursery rhyme ” DING DONG DELL” it is unclear which put pussy in or pulled him out but both are suspect as good intention often has unforeseen side effects.

The comic strip genre … as always … adds a sharply defined edge to distant, blurred and sometimes deliberately ignored truths.



early work as a student

of fine arts

on the scream theme.