Group exhibitions with Borderline Regional Artists at Stanthorpe Art Gallery …more details on the GRANITENET website.



A group exhibition of 140 exhibits in various styles summed up the very nature of the artistic process. Information and new experience are collected by the artist (looking out) and transformed (looking in) as a work of art, which reflects not only the world we live in, but also something about ourselves, and what it means to be part of the human community.

Having grown up in Brisbane where her art training and practice began Nola is pleased to see her work hung for the first time in a Queensland Art Gallery and describes her work as regional art inspired by the high granite country which has sheltered five generations of her family so “looking back” is an important part of the artistic process.

The paintings she chose to look in on at Glen Innes have developed over time and begin with the demolition of the former stained glass/painters studio housed in the former Roxy theatre as a subject. She continued using the local built environment as a subject for study in Fine Arts At Glen Innes TAFE and was part way through a diploma when the course was discontinued.

Below: ” Places of the ART X 4 in Glen Innes” oil on canvas panels.


Gun Club -Stonehenge” oil and charcoal on canvas






a TAFE class assignment on a typically windy day, relates to looking through the sights of a gun at a bright orange clay pigeon. It is the first piece of a planned series of local gun club landscapes. Eclipse at Guyra” …below … and Sandy Flat where her grandfather was a prize winning shooter is to follow after researching in Tenterfield.


Below : “The Long Road to Learning”
depicts the length of historic Grey Street from the old family property now caravan park “Craigieburn” to the iconic town hall split in half by the alien abstracted learning cube which landed between the historic built and the ancient natural environment during the process of Amalgamating the Town and Shire.