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As the coral bleaches I remember annual holidays camping on beaches along the Queensland coast.

My grandchildren now continue that tradition.

Fish my father used to catch every day are diminishing in number and species, garbage floats on the surface of the Coral Sea, and whaling, though it ceased to be a local industry, (I remember the day trip to watch the butchering on Moreton) has persisted.

While knitting this, I was remembering colours, textures and refracting light through a glass bottomed boat while honeymooning on Brampton Island.
The pattern is traditionally called feather and fan but could just as easily be viewed as an impressionist painting in yarns, blending colours, one row at a time of breaking waves bringing to shore the memory of corals, fish, seaweed, and shells.

From the depths of blue greens through the brightest hues to palest pastels, the yarns used are ironically plastic (acrylic) imported from China in the many space dyed colours I have collected for over a decade, cheap as chips.

The threads “blowing in the wind” are left in the hope that answers to the problems that beset it will be found for our Great Barrier Reef and a tribute to environmental science, constant vigilance and environmental protest against dredging for ports, runoff from farms and burning of fossil fuel contributing to global warming.

Dedicated to the spirit of the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace
and most of all the Pacific Island people as custodians.

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