I started community service early aged three…. the family business included editing a local newsletter which I helped deliver and the Australian American Association in Brisbane was run from home – a classic Queenslander -verandah converted to flats for three families I was the only child.

Joined the Girl Guides and became Cub Scout and Ranger leader.

Joined United  Nations Association Queensland.

Represented the Queensland Guides at the first Australian Assembly of Youth in Sydney and visited American friends from the war at 18.

Joined Contempoary Arts Association Queensland.

Tutor colour and design Embroiderer’s Guild NSW.

Tutor, exhibitor and touring member Crafts Council of NSW

Judge of embroidery Royal Easter Show.

Secretary friends of Campbelltown Bicentennial Art Gallery 1988.

Founded the Rockdale And District Landscape Heritage Committee.

Voluntary Park Ranger, Rockdale Municipal Council.

Longlime member of Historic Hoses Trust NSW.

Secretary of Glen Innes Art Gallery first year of operation.

longtime member of Greens NSW.

Inverell Art Society and

Borderline Arts Association

And the Glen Innes Garden Club 2017


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